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House Wines

   Summer 17 Drinks

By the glass- $5.25 The O'Gara Freeway
  ( Ayd Mill Road )
Chardonnay  Muddled fresh strawberries, fresh mint, simple syrup,
Jameson Irish Whiskey topped with
Angry Orchard Cider.
Pinot Grigio  
White Zinfandel Hague Ave
Cabernet Sauvignon  Muddled fresh blueberries, fresh mint, Titos Vodka,
Merlot topped with lime juice and ginger beer.
Red Wines Snelling Ave Bootlegger
  Tanguary Gin, fresh squeezed lemonade, splash of soda and fresh mint.                        
Mark West Pinot Noir  
California 6.25/23 Selby Street
Blackstone Merlot Titos Vodka, fresh squeezed lemonade, shaken
California 6/21 with fresh cucumber slices.
Apothic Red Blend                           
California 7/24 Saratoga Lane Basil Martini
Terrazas Malbec Fresh basil and cucumber muddled, Effen Cucumber
Argentina 7/24 Vodka and a splash of simple syrup.
Hidden Crush Cabernet  
California 8/28 Bushmills Balck Bush Hatty
Louis Martini Cabernet Black Bush Whiskey, sweet vermouth and
Sonoma Country, CA  9/32 orange bitters
White Wines O'Gara's Red Bush Old Fashion
  Muddled fresh orange, cherry and sugar with a dash of orange bitters and Red Bush Whiskey.
Bella Sera Moscato  
Titaly 6/21 O'Gara's Sangria
Bree Riesling House recipe using red wine and fresh berries.
pfalz, Germany 6.25/23  
Ecco Domani Pinto Grigi  
Venezie, Italy 6.5/23  
Simi Sauvignon Blanc  
Sonoma Country, CA  9/32  
Le Grand Chardonnay  
Minervois, France 6./21  
Willam Hill Chardonnay   
Central Coast, CA 8/28  
Sparkling Wines  
Canti Prosecco- Veneto I,taly 7  

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