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Beer of the Month - Summit EPA, Saga and Seasonal just $5 all month long

Saturday, Febuary 6 - Halfway to Irish Fair Party and Shuttle to the Beer Dabbler and the RollerGirls 

Tuesday, February 9 - go Wild Tailgate Party Hosted by PBR @ 4:30 pm

Saturday, Febraury 13 - go WIld Tailgate Party Hosted by PBR @ 10:30 am

Check out our Events Page for more details on these events.  

January 1-9 - Schell's Firebrick

January 10 - 16 - Chimney Sweep

January 17-23 - Schell's One Five Five

January 24-31 - Schell's Pilsner

  • Christmas Eve - 10 am - Midnight (Bar Only)
  • Christmas Day - 2 pm - Midnight (Kitchen opens at 4 pm)
  • New Years Eve - Regular Hours
  • New Year’s Day – 2pm –  2am (Kitchen 4pm – 11:30pm)



The Tommies take on Linfield (Ore.) in the Division III National Semifinal Playoff Game.  The Shamrock Shuttle will run at 1:30 pm and 2 pm!   

Check out our Events page for more details!

For the first time in 114 years the Tommies and Johnnies will meet for the second time in the same season and face each other in the NCAA Dividion III Playoffs.  We will be unlocking our doors at 9 am and the Shamrock Shuttle will run at 11am and 11:30 am.

The OGara Family 2016